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Garage Sale Items

2023 Birchwood
Community-Wide Garage Sale

The Community-Wide Garage Sale is back for 2023!

Date: Saturday, September 9th

Time: 9am - 3pm 

What is the Community Garage Sale?

Anyone can pre-register their individual garage sale and host it during the hours of 9-3 on Saturday, September 9th. Each garage sale will be published on a map that will be hosted online, and printed/distributed to local businesses. 

The deadline to register your sale is 8/31

Garage Sales MUST be located within the Birchwood, Edgewater, Red Cedar Lakes, and Mikana vicinity. If your sale is located outside of these boundaries it will not be listed. 

Garage Sale Map

After 9/1 we will create a map that will be posted here
printed copies will be distributed to local businesses in town. 


Sign Pick Up

Signs are available at Dairy State Bank on Sept 4th.
$5 deposit, refundable upon return of sign.

Garage Sale Registration Form

Thanks for Registering!

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